Monday, April 2, 2012


So I just started playing Demons of Chaos recently.  They are alot of fun in both 40k and Fantasy.  I got a hefty check for tax return and decided to pick these guys up for fun as they play alot different than everything else in 40k.  I play a mix of Tzeentch and slannesh.  It's not the best but whatever, this isn't for tournament play.  I found out the hard way this weekend at our local FLGS tournament with them.  I beat Grey Knights with them and got to make fun of Goatboy for losing to grey knights in that same round hehe.  I'll admit he lost because he mishaped his 800+ point crusherstar :P  I told him, well maybe he should mishap :)  I have yet to mishap in my 7 games of demons(knock on wood).

I haven't play alot of Star Wars lately because I have been playing warmachine and warhammer alot.  When I am not out playing I am painting furiously to get my Legion of Everblight army ready to go for Adepticon.  I am really excited to play in all the warmachine events.  Even got my girlfriend to go with her Trolls :)

I want to play with some non-standard Dark Eldar lists in the coming weeks and see how that goes.  First I am going to try out a drazhar/Baron list, that might be fun :P  Tournament season is upon us and I am looking forward to trying to place in something!!