Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'Arrrrrrddddddd Boyz!!!!!

So the weekend has come and past.  Ard Boyz round one is over and the dust is settling.  I took 2nd place with 63 points!  I am looking forward to round two in San Antonio.  Overall, I think my Dark Eldar did really well. 2500 points is alot of stuff to play with! hehe.

Matchups were:
Round 1 - Grey Knights
Round 2 - Space Wolves
Round 3 - Grey Knights

Monday, August 1, 2011

Rhyas....and my first tournament win.

This past weekend I played in a local Warmahordes tournament at Dragon's lair.  Ian, our other PG ran a nice 4 round Steamroller for us.  There were about 20 people in attendance so it was a pretty good turn out.  We had a few people from San Antonio and Waco that I know of.

I've played in two other tournaments before this one.  My first one I placed third after getting my @ss handed to me by Gooch in the third round.  That was my first time playing against eVlad and that guy is dirty! lol  My second tourny I placed roughly 4 - 6th I believe.  This was one where a Houston guy playing Circle knocked me out first round.  That was a really good game. I had no idea the movement shenanigans Circle could do! hehe.

I had some really good games this weekend.  I've really been wanting to play Rhyas since I started Legion but never got the model until recently.  I have been enjoying her immensely.  A lot of people around the interwebs are naysayers about her performance.  I believe it's because she is not an easy button caster.  She takes patience and will not win games for you by herself.  You have to use all the other cheaty bits from Legion to do that!

On to my list I used.

Nep. Protector
Max Swordsmen + UA

This is the Rearguard theme list, tier 3, so the UA is free.  I am really liking this list.  Start the game with upkeeps, whole army has stealth first turn, and the free UA.  I used this list for 3 of my games out of 4 and won all three of those.  My first game I used Saeryn and won that one.

Round 1:  Saeryn vs Cryx
Round 2: Rhyas vs Thyra
Round 3: Rhyas vs Dr. Arkadius
Round 4: Rhyas vs Garryth

I think I am starting to get pretty good with her.  The guy in the last round I played against won the Wargamescon steamroller and Lock N Load as well I believe.  Really nice guy and a great opponent.  He even asked me if we could get some more games in some time for him to practice against a good Legion player.  Made my day :P