Monday, July 9, 2012

40K 6th Edition

So 6th edition has arrived and we've been slowly digesting all the in's and out's.  Everyone has been having fun with it so far it seems.  There are a few tidits that need tweaking but other than that I really like it.  There are lots of changes ot my army that I need to adjust to but thats alright.  I wanted to go over a few things I have discovered so far about my Dark Eldar army with this edition change and what I think of them.

Vect - With the change to power weapons, he is no longer worth it I think.  I used to take him for the ability to one shot mephiston of the table for me!  He can no longer do that. :( 

Drazhar - My new homie!!! I've always liked this guy.  Even played with him in quite a few casual games during 5th edition.  Always riding around with his incubi buddies.  Now since AP2 is king, the FAQ has changed the 2handed version of demiklavies to AP2! Yay!  So a klaviex and Drazhar in a unit do nicely against 2+ armor dudes.  And that's at Init 6 and 7!  Rawr!  Not to mention the lookout sirs on D's 2+ armor shenanigans!  I like him alot now.

Lelith - She hasn't changed much from last edition.  She is pretty good in challeneges vs the right kind of characters but no eternal warrior still hurts.  She does ignore armor though!

Baron - Stealth and Skilled rider have changed.  I have not played with him and his crew yet with the new rules.  Off the top of my head though, stealth will give them a 4++ cover save I think since most terrain will be 5++.  Skilled rider got a boost though, just flat out ignoring dangerous terrain and adding to jink saves, which jump infantry don't get I don't think though.  So overall not too bad.  A side note, Hellions aern't as afraid of power weapons now like they used too!

Archon - I have been taking him as a grenade caddie with the incubi crew in my last couple of games with this edition so far.  The changes to power weapons hurt the available weapons to an archon.  He can call out a squad sergeant and snipe him in a challenge pretty reliably though as long as they don't have 2+ save.

Dark Light weapons - AP2 is +1 dmg on the chart now! Yay!

Wyches - Are still amazing.  Haywire grenades rock vehicles now. Blast pistols are not bad options now that running before charging isn't an option anymore.
                Agonizers and Venom Blades - I don't think agonizers are worth it anymore.  20 pts is steep for a weapon that doesn't hurt 2+ armor and requires a 4+ to wound whereas a venom blade is only 5 pts and wounds on a 2+.  I've switched all my Squad leaders to this and the pts gained are basically funneled into blast pistols instead.

Warriors - Still pretty good.  Changes to movement on a model by model basis is awesome!  Also being able ot move and snap fire a heavy weapon is pretty slick.  Also, in a raider you can move 6inches and fire all spinlter rifles 24 inches.  Splinter racks are not a bad choice now.  Moving 12 and snap firing at 24 inches is also not to shabby.

Reavers - I've only played one game with them so far but I saw some pretty good imporvement on them.  They are still a little expensive but I think a little more surviveable now.  They still have a 3++ save when going flat out, can flat out up to 36In in shooting phase as well as the 12 inch move in movement phase.  They can move shoot and move in assault phase potentially further away.  skilled rider is super nice for them as well.

Scourges - Haywire transfers well to thier weapons.  Always being able ot strip Hull Points instead of just shaking a vehicle is pretty nice.

Ravagers - The new change to skimmers always having a jink cover save (most of the time) means no more flickfield is nessecarry.  Unless you really want them to have a save vs things that ignore cover.  To me this means Night shields come into play, especially since we can pre-measure.

Flyers - These guys are pretty dang awesome and add a unique way to play into the game.  These will be high in demand as anti-flyers and hard to kill otherwise.  I like the bomber because of it's immunity to bolters and option to carry implosion misslies.    Flickerfield are essential to allow you to never have to go into evade mode with them.  Night shield are nice on them if you have the points to spare.

All in all I think we turned alright and even gained a bit.  I look forward to adding a contigent of Farseer and Dire avengers to get some much needed psychic defense!  The powers available to other races are pretty potent now.  So here's to 6th edtion and the fun to be had!

Monday, April 2, 2012


So I just started playing Demons of Chaos recently.  They are alot of fun in both 40k and Fantasy.  I got a hefty check for tax return and decided to pick these guys up for fun as they play alot different than everything else in 40k.  I play a mix of Tzeentch and slannesh.  It's not the best but whatever, this isn't for tournament play.  I found out the hard way this weekend at our local FLGS tournament with them.  I beat Grey Knights with them and got to make fun of Goatboy for losing to grey knights in that same round hehe.  I'll admit he lost because he mishaped his 800+ point crusherstar :P  I told him, well maybe he should mishap :)  I have yet to mishap in my 7 games of demons(knock on wood).

I haven't play alot of Star Wars lately because I have been playing warmachine and warhammer alot.  When I am not out playing I am painting furiously to get my Legion of Everblight army ready to go for Adepticon.  I am really excited to play in all the warmachine events.  Even got my girlfriend to go with her Trolls :)

I want to play with some non-standard Dark Eldar lists in the coming weeks and see how that goes.  First I am going to try out a drazhar/Baron list, that might be fun :P  Tournament season is upon us and I am looking forward to trying to place in something!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

SW:TOR Level 40

So it's been awhile.  I've been playing alot of 40k, Warmahordes and STAR WARS!!!  Heh.  I'll talk about 40k and warmahordes in other posts.  What I want to talk about today is star wars. 

If you haven't picked up Star Wars The Old Republic by now, you are sorely missing out.. That is if MMORPG's are your thing to begin with.  Just regular RPG's like Mass Effect of Final Fantasy for that matter.  The thing about playing swtor, is that in the same amount of time that I would have spent playing say WoW, warhammer online or Rift, I don't get NEAR as much accomplished in that same time frame.  The reason for this is the story.  The story is so well written that i actually care about the characters and events involved.  When I walk up to a quest giver and click on them, I'm not clicking through the text just to see what it is they want me to do and then going to do it.  I actually listen to what they have to say.  That's also something that is new, they are telling me the quest through voice instead of just reading the text.  I believe that is the big thing that makes it stand out.  No longer am I disconnected from the story, I am a participant.

Even though we all end up going to the same planets and killing the same mobs, we are doing it for different reasons and have different stories.  I think that is awesome in and of itself.  The dark side/light side choices also effect how your story turns out to a degree.  I love everything about the story and how it is progressing and how it effects my gameplay.  I hope in the future, fantasy style games take this approach.

There are a few gripes but it is only that, gripes.  Nothing serious that makes the game bad, just things that I've noticed and said to myself, "Really, you used that again?".  What I am talking about are things like body movements, alien languages that sound similar because they are in fact the same sound bit.  How many times are they going to use the sound bit, "Wa wanna wan-kee" to mean different things in different languages?  If that means something in Huttese and some other alien not speaking huttese says that phrase....just seems not polished and they didn't have time to make something else up and stuck that in there.  There are a few things like that in the game that fall under this category, re-used. 

Other than that I find the game to be truely enjoyable and will probably keep playing it for quite awhile.  There are multiple story lines to play still!!