Monday, January 30, 2012

SW:TOR Level 40

So it's been awhile.  I've been playing alot of 40k, Warmahordes and STAR WARS!!!  Heh.  I'll talk about 40k and warmahordes in other posts.  What I want to talk about today is star wars. 

If you haven't picked up Star Wars The Old Republic by now, you are sorely missing out.. That is if MMORPG's are your thing to begin with.  Just regular RPG's like Mass Effect of Final Fantasy for that matter.  The thing about playing swtor, is that in the same amount of time that I would have spent playing say WoW, warhammer online or Rift, I don't get NEAR as much accomplished in that same time frame.  The reason for this is the story.  The story is so well written that i actually care about the characters and events involved.  When I walk up to a quest giver and click on them, I'm not clicking through the text just to see what it is they want me to do and then going to do it.  I actually listen to what they have to say.  That's also something that is new, they are telling me the quest through voice instead of just reading the text.  I believe that is the big thing that makes it stand out.  No longer am I disconnected from the story, I am a participant.

Even though we all end up going to the same planets and killing the same mobs, we are doing it for different reasons and have different stories.  I think that is awesome in and of itself.  The dark side/light side choices also effect how your story turns out to a degree.  I love everything about the story and how it is progressing and how it effects my gameplay.  I hope in the future, fantasy style games take this approach.

There are a few gripes but it is only that, gripes.  Nothing serious that makes the game bad, just things that I've noticed and said to myself, "Really, you used that again?".  What I am talking about are things like body movements, alien languages that sound similar because they are in fact the same sound bit.  How many times are they going to use the sound bit, "Wa wanna wan-kee" to mean different things in different languages?  If that means something in Huttese and some other alien not speaking huttese says that phrase....just seems not polished and they didn't have time to make something else up and stuck that in there.  There are a few things like that in the game that fall under this category, re-used. 

Other than that I find the game to be truely enjoyable and will probably keep playing it for quite awhile.  There are multiple story lines to play still!!

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