Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'Arrrrrrddddddd Boyz!!!!!

So the weekend has come and past.  Ard Boyz round one is over and the dust is settling.  I took 2nd place with 63 points!  I am looking forward to round two in San Antonio.  Overall, I think my Dark Eldar did really well. 2500 points is alot of stuff to play with! hehe.

Matchups were:
Round 1 - Grey Knights
Round 2 - Space Wolves
Round 3 - Grey Knights

I'll do a quick synopsis of those battles.

Round 1 - Grey Knights played by my friend Brian "The Dirty" Moll
DCA's w/ Crusaders in a stormraven(libby rode here)
DCA's w/ Crusaders in a land raider redeemer(coteaz here)
2 Auto Cannon Dreads
4 Razorbacks(las-plas mostly)  2 of which has 5 man guardsmen dudes with 2 meltas in them.  Other two were bought for DCA's and were empty.
2 Rhinos with 10 man strike squads with 2 psycannons.

I focused on trying to take out his firepower and taking pot shots at transports for first two turns.  That didn't work out too well for me though as I failed to do much and his return punch hurt like hell.  I rolled 18 flickerfield rolls before I made a single one.  Failed all the flat out cover saves too!  I thought I was out of it by the end of turn 2 for sure.  Brian just wrecked my day good.  I decided I needed to stem the bleeding and get some pressure on him to give me some room to work with.

I had exactly two mobile raiders left that were shaken and or missing thier guns.  I didn't need those anyway!  So I jumped forward and dove on his two dreads to lock down with my haywire grenades.  One was immobilized from previous shooting so was going to go down quick.  The other was healthy so I needed some decent rolls to bring it down in combat.  Turn 3 saw me take out that dread, pop a rhino and one razorback I think.  I stunned/shook everything else, which was promptly negated with Fortitude! Drats!(I never saw anyone fail one of these all day! haha)

His turn 3 is where I think my luck turned around. I started making key flickfield and or cover saves to let me skin by.  Turn 4 my bikes were still doing good, melting stuff.  My trueborn finally decided to wake the hell up and blew open the land raider for me. About damn time too, I had assaulted with grenades the turn before and only took off one redeemer cannon and shook it.  One fortitude roll later and that squad was reduced to a Succubus, Hemo and 2 wyches! ouch!  This was huge for me though cause since he didn't kill my hemo in that squad he was able to lay down the shattershard on that DCA squad in the raider wreckage.  Got Coteaz, techmarine and 2 infantry.  Venom's finally had things to shoot at and melted that squad down to one running crusader, who I promptly ignored for the rest of the game lol.

So at this point is was still relatively even but after takin down one of the dreads I was able to get at my traitor and gain a lead on Kill points.  I had momentum at this point and was starting to knock things out.  Finally got the storm raven with my trueborn the last turn but we were running out of game time.  The other dread kicked one wych and I failed leadership and ran away....8 man squad counted as destroyed cause they were falling back at end of game :( 

Well the game ended with 19 to 10 kill points.  I managed to hide his traitor in the middle building and go to ground.

Round 2 - Space Wolves - Mike C.
Land raider crusader with Logan, Njal and 5 Termies
2 Long fang squads with 2 missles launchers, attached wolf guard with cyclone and 3 heavy bolters
2 Rune priests with living lightning attached to LF's.
2 rhinos with grey hunters
Dakka Pred
Drop pod with grey hunters

I got to go first and was able to put a huge amount of hurt on my friend mike.  My fighter did about 30 wounds to one squad of long fangs.  He had logan and Njal in the squad which I think netted me some more models to hit with the template.  Njal and the priest both had a wound and Logan un wounded was all that survived that barrage.  Venom's opened up on the other long fang squad and whittled them down all game. 

Since his long range firepower was cut down, I was able to control  the game from then on and I got max points.

Round 3 - Grey Knights - Shawn S.
6x10 Purifiers w/4 Psycannons (one had 3 and 1 incinerator)
3 Psyfile dreads
6 Rhinos

This is what I had to churn through to get second place! lol  Shawn has done pretty good with this list, getting to the top tables at wargamescon with it.  The only thing I don't like about this list is that it's simplicity is both a strength and a weakness.  Lots of built in redundancy and durability.  However, this makes it easy for me to know what I have to fight.  When everything is the same, the threats are all the same, no surprises.  So in fighting against this list, all I really had to do was focus fire and gang up on the squads and they all went down.  We added up points at the end of the game and he has one weaponless rhino and I had roughly 900 ish points left.  Couldn't kill that little bastard! lol  Also, my HQ was only 90 points so gave up 180, his was 150 and gave up 300! heh

All in all, it was a good event.  I had 3 great opponents and 3 good games.  Something I wanted to mention that was kind of silly was the guy who ended up getting 1st place.  So not to really take away his win but his last game was stupid easy for him and his list.  So round two, Tyson had to play this new kid with tyranids.  The kid didn't know the rules of his army so heavily slowed down the game.  Dice down was called and they were not able to finish the game, giving a major victory to this kid.  So he got vaulted up to table 2 against a 3 Land Raider and Jaws list.  4 monstrous creatures taken down with 1 Jaws.......massacare.  So yea, easy?

It's on like donkey kong for Round 2!

Edit:  Oh right my list!

Succubus w/Agoniser, haywire
Hemo w/Shattershard and liquifier gun
Hemo w/Liquifier
Hemo w/Liquifier
9 Bloodbrides, Syren w/Agoniser, haywire
4 Trueborn with blasters
Venom w/dual cannons
3 Trueborn with Splinter Cannons
Venom w/dual cannons
Warriors w/Blaster
Venom w/dual cannons
Warriors w/Blaster
Venom w/dual cannons
10 Wyches, Hekatrix with Agoniser, haywire
Raider w/Flickerfield, Aether Sails, Grisly Trophies
9 Wyches, Hekatrix with Agoniser, haywire
Raider w/Flickerfield, Aether Sails, Grisly Trophies
8 Wyches, Hekatrix with Agoniser, haywire
Raider w/Flickerfield, Aether Sails, Grisly Trophies
6 Reavers w/2 Heat lances, Arena Champ with Venom blade
5 Scourges with Dual haywire blasters
Ravager, Nightshields, Flickerfield
Ravager, Nightshields, Flickerfield
Razorwing Fighter, Splinter Cannon, Flickerfield, Nightshields


  1. congrats on placing. but you forgot to post your list!

    Also, didn't you know Dark Eldar can't do 2500 points?! (http://hulksmash-homeplace.blogspot.com/2011/08/ard-boyz-for-dashofpepper.html)

  2. I read that too!!!! hahahahhahaha....silly

  3. Well done my friend! Happy to note that I got 2 more points in my own round, but still only got 2nd lol.

  4. Good read my man, loving the content you're putting up so far!

    'aaaaaaaard Boyzzz was an eye-opening experience for me, no doubt, and the mistakes I made playing in it have made me re-think how I play the game a bit (which we've discussed).

    Congrats on the win! Kick some ass in Round 2 and DON'T FORGET, AUSTIN REPRESENT!